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Do you have a song idea but don't know how to translate it into a full production with all the instruments you can think of? I'm here for you to bring your ideas and vision to life with all the instruments and sounds you can imagine. Acoustic/electric guitars, acoustic/programmed drums, orchestration, synthesizers, beats, percussion, vocals, strings, brass,... you name it.


Do you have a song idea but you don't know how to translate it musically with the right chord progressions, song structure, lyrics and melody? I am multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar in a wide variety of genres for almost 20 years and writing songs with and for artists on a daily basis. I really want to dive deep into your musical talent and story and reflect that in your music.


Do you want to get the most out of your recordings? I'm here for you to capture your unique sound. I have experience in many genres from pop to rock. I also do other audio related projects, recording a variety of instruments and vocals for different purposes. Capturing your unique sound, with an ear for detail and character is the most important thing for me.