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I am here for you to develop and capture your unique sound. I have experience in many genres, from pop to metal and other audio related projects, recording a variety of instruments and vocals for different purposes. Capturing the right sound, with an ear for detail and character is the most important thing. Having a good recording is essential for further mixing or other purposes.



The most important thing I need to know is what you want to record and what the purpose is. Recording for a song, an album, a podcast, a movie, ... The more details you can give me about your project and vision, the better I can provide top service. For recording I work with a fixed rate per day. Based on the information you have given me, I will prepare a quote for you. Recording in my own studio, remotely or in another specific studio is all possible.



Once we sort out all the details, we'll schedule a date and time that works for both of us. Based on the project, ensure that all pre-discussed requirements are met. This way we can save time and prevent technical problems. Being prepared for a recording session is super important to feeling relaxed and comfortable, ready to perform.  During the session I will bring all the right elements together to get the best result.



Once the recording is done, I will do comping before sending you the files. This means that I select the best takes before exporting the files. Once this is done I will send you all files in wav format via a Dropbox / WeTransfer link. You have up to two revisions to request different takes or changes for the files I have sent you. If you chose "include editing," it will take a few more days to get that done. 

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