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Violetta Collaco and Bob Varo are pushing boundaries with 'Your Last Breath'

Updated: Jun 5

Bob Varo and Violetta Collaco are pushing their musical boundaries in their new heavy rock song 'Your Last Breath.’ Inspired by society and current events, they brought together powerful music and vocals to inspire people to keep pushing forward and never give up in life.

Inspiration behind the lyrics

"Your Last Breath" is about revenge, getting your strengths and confidence back after something or someone sucked all the life out of you. I like writing songs that people can relate to, that they can listen to when they’re not feeling their best. I like writing songs that give people the boost they need to face whatever life is throwing at them. Slaying your demons can be very therapeutic, so I hope this song will help some people get rid of what’s been holding them back.

- Violetta

Violetta Collaco

Collaco was born and raised in Italy where, at a young age, she was introduced to the world of performing and music recording. At the age of 19 she moved to Hollywood, California, to sharpen her skills and pursue her dream career. Not long after her arrival in the City of Angels, she formed a melodic heavy rock band that, for the next 5 years, performed all over California and adjacent states acquiring substantial local recognition. When the band dissolved in 2016, Violetta started freelancing as a recording vocalist and has been doing that since, alongside writing new songs with her former guitar player for a new project coming out mid 2020.

Bob Varo

Varo is an independent music producer, record mixer & musician. He graduated from Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam in 2017, where he received advanced training in music production & sound engineering.

Right after that, he gained experience at DAFT Studios and many other recording studios around the world. Bob has already had the honor to work with artists such as Hellyeah, Sigala, Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch) and Madeline Rosene.

Bob has played acoustic and electric guitar for 15 years. Genres such as rock, pop, hip hop and metal have been his main inspiration.

Solo Project

After releasing several singles and working across all genres with different artists from around the world, Varo has been looking forward to releasing a track in the genre (hard rock) that has been his main inspiration since he began his musical journey at the age of 8.

In Varo’s solo project, he writes and produces the musical components and invites singer/songwriters to compose lyrics and melodies for the songs. Varo feels comfortable exploring and expanding into different genres and he’s always looking for new sounds. 

Traveling around the world, connecting with people, and sharing music is Varo’s main source of inspiration. Varo’s passion and dedication for music exudes from his compositions and productions. You can listen to his new song 'Your Last Breath' on all major platforms and streaming services here.


Working Together

"Working closely with Violetta, putting together different vocal/lyric elements to create this song has been an amazing journey. Whenever I create instrumentation and look for artists to work with, the most important thing is that they can connect with the song and translate music into lyrics/vocals and vice versa. Being both born in Europe made us connect right from the beginning. We both have family and friends around the world and because of recent events, we wrote something that inspires us and hopefully will inspire other people to find motivation and strength to pursue happiness and love."

- Bob Varo

"When Bob sent me the demo track I already knew that it would have been a lot of fun to work on. Vocal melodies and lyrics just started flowing and the magic began. Despite the thousands of miles between us and the several hours of time difference, working with Bob was extremely easy and productive. He knows what he’s doing and knows what he wants. All while keeping it cool and friendly. After a couple back and forth and and after some tweaks, the song started to get a pretty solid shape and here there it was. A transatlantic production was born during the craziest times of our lives so far."

- Violetta Collaco

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