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Something You've Never Heard Before: BOAF - XVII

Fabio Pullara and Bob Varo are releasing something they've never done before. After their two previous releases 'Emblema' and 'Fat Thumb', they came up with something that feels rather hypnotic and downtempo, compared to the more conservative music that's out there these days. On top of that, Fabio is going back to his roots in Italian this time.

Vocalist Fabio Pullara and music producer Bob Varo have a rock project named 'BOAF' where they develop their complete musical freedom into original songs that helps them to express their inner feelings. And as a result of that, XVII just happened. Yes, it just happened. Fabio, on his way to the studio for BOAF's new EP recording, came up with the sacred line 'Io sono la fonte del vuoto che ho.' as he was listening to the instrumental, no idea that this phrase would eventually become the one to take the listener on so many different emotional, thoughtful trips.

Bob Varo came up with this instrumental idea as it could be a great opener for a live show, EP, film,... But as Fabio came up with the vocal idea, Bob wanted to give the track and vocals more time to breath in a dynamic way and really take the listener on a journey. Without losing the intentional idea of creating something big, orchestral and powerful, they created a track which really takes the listener on a journey of its own.

Fabio and Bob are currently working on their first EP, which will feature a new song called 'Fear' and this song is an experience on its own, ready to bring the listener and its inner self in higher atmospheres.


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