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Are you ready to take your song to the next level?

I am here to balance your instruments, use all the necessary edits, processing and effects to make your song a unique work of art that represents your vision and personality. I've worked with artists in many genres, allowing me to apply a unique skillset to your mix.



If you're not sure if your song is ready for mixing, send me a demo of your song so I can check first. This can be done simply by balancing the instruments with volume only. Export this to one audio file (mp3 or wav) and send it to me via the demo evaluation form below.



When your song is ready for mixing, fill out the form below as best you can and I'll get back to you with a proposal. This will be based on the information you provide in the form. The number of audio files, the demo and whether your audio should be edited first is the most important thing in determining the correct price.



Once the proposal is accepted, you can send me a WeTransfer link with all your audio files. Please keep in mind the requirements below when exporting / sending the files. Once received, I will mix your song with taste, an ear for detail and optimal quality.



I will send you a first version as soon as possible so you have an idea of the direction it is going. After that I'll finish your track and once that's done you'll have 2-3 revisions per track to request changes to your mix. Final delivery of the files will be via a Dropbox / WeTransfer link.


Is your song ready for mixing?

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Please don't hesitate to reach out to me in the chat or through the contact form.