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It has never been easier to finish your song. 

Is your mix ready? Now it's time for the final step: Mastering. Via the form below it is super easy to upload your song and let me do the rest. With care and passion I will strengthen your musicality even more and make sure that your song is ready for release.



Send me your final mix. Make sure there is no processing on the final output / master bus before exporting the song. Also make sure that the master output is not clipping. You can send me up to 3 reference tracks you like. Please read the requirements below before uploading your song. You can also add any of your additional comments to the submission.



I start by listening to your reference tracks and analyze the characteristics of the sound that inspires you. Then I will listen to your song a few times, followed by applying equalization, compression, saturation and limiting. I want to enhance your creativity and musicality, taking into account your vision and ideas. I want to make sure your song stands out from the crowd and really represents you as an artist.



The final delivery of your song is very simple. I will send you a Dropbox link that contains one WAV and one MP3 file. Specific file types can be requested in advance. You will receive a maximum of 2 revisions per track. If you want to share something that could help me get the result you're looking for, let me know before I start working on your song. Satisfied clients are very important to me and good communication is essential to avoid misunderstandings.


Is your mix ready for mastering?

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