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IndieBooker Amsterdam

Do you want to get things done and take your music career to the next level by investing in yourself, sharpening your skills and gaining more experience? Then this is what you were looking for. This is the all-in-one artist experience in Amsterdam where you get performances, studio time and a photo shoot in one package that I tailor-make in consultation with you.

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Are you a singer-songwriter, solo artist or small band and want to invest in your music career in a unique way? I offer the all-in-one experience where you can perform in Amsterdam, work on your music in the studio, be it recording, production, songwriting, mixing, ... and a photo shoot.


I work with independent musicians/singers who want to take their music career to the next level. As I work closely with you to put this together, I am focused on providing you with a unique opportunity that will advance your career (such as new audiences, new connections, realizing new projects, finishing their music, photos in Amsterdam or from their performances so that you can use them on your social media, marketing, ...).


I want to make your time for music here in Amsterdam fun and inspiring so that you can discover a wide variety of new experiences that will benefit your music career and passion.

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