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Are you a singer-songwriter, a solo artist or a small band that wants to perform in Amsterdam? You can now book your show(s) through VARO Productions Studio. We provide all-in-one solutions for artists to show their music to an audience here in Amsterdam. It doesn't matter if you're a signed or independent artist/band, we want to help you perform your music for a unique audience in a unique city. VARO Productions Studio wants to make your time for music here in Amsterdam fun and inspiring, so you can discover a wide range of new experiences that will benefit your music career and passion.

Booking venues to perform your music is not easy or equally accessible to everyone. That's why VARO Productions Studio is here in Amsterdam, offering you the opportunity to see and experience Amsterdam through your own music, interacting with a new and different audience. There is so much art and music happening in Amsterdam that, depending on your needs, we can put together an entire musical experience for you, including performance, recording/studio time and film/photo productions for your project/performances.

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Are you traveling for music? Are you coming from outside the Netherlands? No problem! The shows I organize for artists are not only accessible to people from the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a place where people from all over the world come to make and enjoy music & art and I want to make it as easy as possible for you as a creative person to show your music to the world.

Artist: Tori Thomas

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