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"I am an independent music producer, songwriter, recording, editing, mixing, mastering engineer and guitarist. I was trained at Abbey Road Studios Amsterdam and gained experience at international recording studios (such as DAFT Studios) with rock, pop, hip-hop, singer-songwriter & metal artists. Today I produce music with and for artists, along with other audio related projects in my VARO Productions Studio, located in the center of Amsterdam." - Bob Varo




"Outstanding musician, producer and engineer. I cannot say enough good things about Bob. As a musician and producer: If I had what I thought was a good riff, he would make it a better riff. He did things that made the song so much better, like adding more layers and changing the song's structure. Everything was perfectly mixed and mastered. He turned what I thought were good songs into great masterpieces."

"Bob is a talent of many in the music world, but what I loved most about working with him is his sincereness and attention to the artistry. I always felt supported in discovering the heart of the song, never rushed or prodded in one direction. Bob has an excellent way of balancing productivity with space for the project to come to life. I feel grateful to have worked with Bob on two of my favorite projects, and look forward to more."



"It's my second day of learning from Bob and I'm already learning so much! I've been trying to learn to mix, but I knew I needed some help. Bob is professional and friendly. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help recording, producing, mixing or mastering."