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My name is Bob Varo, owner of VARO Productions Studio in the heart of Amsterdam and I provide recording, songwriting, editing, production, mixing and mastering. I am here to provide you with customized services, tailored to your needs. I realize music and audio in an artistic, fun, professional and dedicated way from the bare bones to the final release. I care about music, sound and approach your project in a unique way that sets it apart from others.


I've been making music as a guitarist and music producer for almost 20 years, working on a wide variety of projects, both in Amsterdam and remotely. I have a degree in music production and sound engineering from the Abbey Road Institute and have gained experience in international recording studios with world renowned producers and musicians/bands. Previous clients include: Hellyeah, Sigala, Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch), Tori Thomas, California On Location Awards, Warner Chappell Music, Madeline Rosene, ... Traveling the world with my passion for music and audio, my unique career path and extensive skills enable me to get the most out of each project and provide my clients with the best possible service and quality.


I'm here to take your music and audio from start to finish.

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"Bob is a talent of many in the music world, but what I loved most about working with him is his sincereness and attention to the artistry. I always felt supported in discovering the heart of the song, never rushed or prodded in one direction. Bob has an excellent way of balancing productivity with space for the project to come to life. I feel grateful to have worked with Bob on two of my favorite projects, and look forward to more."


"Outstanding musician, producer and engineer. I cannot say enough good things about Bob. As a musician and producer: If I had what I thought was a good riff, he would make it a better riff. He did things that made the song so much better, like adding more layers and changing the song's structure. Everything was perfectly mixed and mastered. He turned what I thought were good songs into great masterpieces."


"So good. Was having issues mixing a song recently. Bluegrass genre. Lots of instruments & a lot of push & pull mixing required. After working with me on a few passes & really being attentive to my vision for my stuff, Bob returned me an incredible mix that superseded my expectations. So grateful to Varo Productions for treating my song so well. I may not have a lot of money but I will find it to work with Bob on as many songs & projects as possible."


"Bob and I met in Los Angeles, and have worked on a few songs together! I really enjoy working with someone who's very creative and patient. Bob does an excellent job when it comes to bringing your musical ideas to life, and makes the process so much fun! As a guitar teacher, he really knows the fundamentals and is able to adapt to his student's needs when it comes to building chord knowledge, and clean techniques!"